Your Ultimate Guide to Prepping for an Outdoor Family Photo Session with Kids

picture perfect chaos

Hey there, fearless families and soon-to-be adventurers! Are you ready to dive headfirst into a whirlwind photo session with your energetic bunch? Well get ready, because I've got the ultimate guide to help you plan and prepare for your outdoor family photo bash. Get ready to embrace the beautiful chaos that is family life!

Choose a location: more than just a pretty backdrop

When it comes to outdoor storytelling sessions, location is key! Think of spots that your family loves, whether it's a pretty park, a super fun beach, or even your own backyard. Remember, the location sets the stage for your family's own story. So, think beyond the pretty backdrop and opt for a place that captures your family's energy. Plus, if it's a place your kids adore, it just might keep them content and playing!

Timing is everything (especially with tiny humans!)

Here's a little secret: kids have their own special timing, and it's not always in sync with our plans. Sunset sessions are always beautiful, and with a little planning we can help kids working outside their usual routine. Make sure they're well-rested and well-fed before the session. Trust me, a full tummy can work wonders in keeping the grumps at bay. And if they can take and extra nap to stay up a bit later for one night, I promise to make it worth the late bedtime!

Pack your survival kit: snacks, water, and more!

When it comes to outdoor adventures, you need a trusty survival kit. Snacks, water, and more snacks should top your list! We all know that bribery and snacks go hand in hand (don't worry, I won't judge). Bring along their favourite non-messy treats to keep energy levels up and moods in check. Plus, feel free to pack props like bubbles, toys, or even a beloved blanket to keep your kiddos engaged and entertained during the session.

embrace the beautiful chaos

Let's face it, folks: kids are wild, unpredictable creatures of joy. Let's embrace the beautiful chaos that comes with them! Laughter, tantrums, silly faces, and unexpected photobombs are all part of the adventure. Instead of trying to control every little detail, go with the flow and let those authentic moments unfold. Trust me, the most precious memories are often found in the unplanned, unposed, and wonderfully candid shots.

So, dear families, armed with these tips, you're ready to conquer your outdoor family photo session like rockstar models. Embrace the chaos, cherish the genuine moments, and let me document the true essence of your incredible journey.

Now, go forth and create memories that will make you laugh, cry, and smile for years to come. Until we meet again, keep being the awesome, wonderfully chaotic family you are!

Kate Steele is a professional photographer based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Specializing in documenting the un-posed love, the genuine joy, and all the other real life stuff happening around us. Offering lifestyle newborn, family and couple photography in Ottawa. For behind the scenes and current work please follow along on Instagram!